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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 20:41

Lil' Laffs - Valentine's Day Edition

On Love

“My older brother and his girlfriend make smoochy noises all the time. I wish they would get eaten by zombies.” – Jason Szwecja, 6

“If a boy likes you, he brings you cool stuff like flowers and underwear.” – Fawn Fletcher, 8

“I can tell when a girl likes me because then she tries to steal my lunch.” - Will Highsmith, 6

“Love is a dirty, dirty lie. That’s what my dad says.” – Amanda Dale, 7

“You can make a person love you by making your eyes extra big and sort of woogling them around a little.” - Annika Thorstaad, 8

On the Ideal Spouse

“I think it will be awesome to be married because then your wife will bring you whatever you want all night long.” – Hector Alvarado,8

“I plan to marry my dog Brownie, because he’s got the nicest fur!” – Hannah Bowland, 6

“Older men are nice, like maybe 10 years old?” – Sierra Mills, 7

“Married people fight a lot, so I think I will marry someone who doesn’t hit too hard.” – Charlie Shanks, 8


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