Millbank Metro Business of the Month - Phil’s Palace of Taxidermy
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 19:33

MILLBANK - Phil’s Palace of Taxidermy has been a Millbank institution for the past 18 years. Located on 875 Chaise Street, the business is noted for its traditional approach to preserving animals, whether they are hunting trophies or beloved pets.

“Over the years, we’ve stuffed lots of different animals,” says Phil Fletcher, owner and manager of Phil’s Palace of Taxidermy. “Raccoons, squirrel monkeys, whatever.  I'm not a snob about it. I'll stuff anything. Just the other day, some guy wanted to stuff a chicken. A chicken! But we did it, and I have to say, the chicken looks pretty damn happy.”

Millbank is certainly a happier place because of Phil’s work. And for February, Phil is featuring a “sweetheart” deal; he’ll stuff two animals for the price of one and create a customized Valentine’s display for your sweetie!


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