Millbank Middle Schoolers Sing Their "Hearts" Out
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Written by Emma Bartlett   
Thursday, 16 February 2012 21:08

MILLBANK – Young love is a favorite topic of art, music and poetry, and who understands the ways of the heart better than our local middle schoolers?  Their bodies are changing in all those special ways and their hormones are waking up and telling them to seek out their soulmates.  Puberty is a special time for them, and for all of us who have watched them grow from the days when they were in diapers.  (Taylor Cobblepease, I’m talking to you, you’re really becoming a woman now!)


For their annual Valentine’s Concert, the Millbank Middle School Choir performed selections from “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”, a musical based on the Carson McCullers novel.  Stu Zykstra, music director for Millbank schools, adapted the bleak story of a southern, Depression-era mill town into quite the toe-tapping production. Mr. Zykstra’s own combo, The Millbank Magic, accompanied the Millbank Middle School Choir with their own jazzy interpretation.


The first production, “Where’s My Piano?” was a “Wow”, complete with lasers (operated by sixth grader Forrest Dale) and glow-in-the-dark costumes.  One of the main characters, tomboy Mick Kelly (Ursa Phletcher), conveyed pathos from every pore.  (Get that girl some help! Just kidding!)


A lighter moment was provided by the duet “I Can’t Hear You”, performed by eighth-graders Charlie Moon (as deaf-mute John Singer) and Sergio Iturribide Ias drunken Jake Blount) could almost believe that these young men will grow up to be lonely crazy people scraping by without a future!


Mr. Zykstra, with his active directing style, kept the kids on track, despite occasional distractions and wailing from the pre-teen audience, and one moment when young Miss Cobblepease burst into tears – those hormones, of course!  By the end, the audience was ready to really get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.


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